Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ways to Misinterpret the Bible: Method 1.

Book Review.

Rapture: the End-Times Error That Leaves the  Bible Behind
by David B. Currie.  Sophia Institute Press, 2003.

      Mr. Currie was a Fundamentalist Christian who believed in, and taught the theology of the Rapture, until he converted to Catholicism.
      His book is a thorough exposition of the theology and history of the Rapture.  It also shows unequivocally that the Rapture is NOT biblical. It is, in fact, a religious fiction that pulls in Catholics
who do not know our faith well.
      Currie takes the reader painstakingly through all the relevant, biblical verses in Daniel, Matthew, and the Book of the Apocalypse.  He sets down "9 Ground Rules" for correctly interpreting apocalyptic literature.  With these as guides to the relevant, biblical passages, he explains their true meanings.  He often reminds the reader that every first and second century Jew and Christian understood the writings correctly.
      He makes it clear that 70 A.D. was a pivotal year in human history.
      Indeed, we are in the end times, the times before the Parousia, but that is ALL we know.
      I highly recommend Currie's book to anyone interested in what the Bible's apocalyptic
books genuinely teach.