Wednesday, May 13, 2015

quote scivias

And behold, He Who was enthroned upon that mountain, cried out in a strong, loud voice saying,
"O human, who are fragile dust of the earth and ashes of ashes!  Cry out and speak of the origin of pure salvation, until those people are instructed, who, though they see the inmost contents of the Scriptures, do not wish to tell them or preach them, because they are lukewarm and sluggish in serving God's justice.  Unlock for them the enclosure of mysteries that they, timid as they are, conceal in a hidden and fruitless field.  Burst forth into a fountain of abundance and overflow with mystical knowledge, until they who think you contemptible because of Eve's transgression are stirred up by the flood of your irrigation.

                               O current of power permeating all
                                in the heights upon the earth and   
                                in all the deeps;
                                you bind together and gather   
                                all people together.    

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